Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #384: update "stable updates vision" document and move into into council policies

Discussion for Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #384:

Ticket text:

This is an active policy referenced from FESCo docs. As such, we should port it to the Council policies

Stable release updates vision - Fedora Project Wiki

This document references the pre-Fedora-next Target audience, which was replaced with the Fedora.next approach. We should update the document to instead reflect our current strategy.

So, I’ve changed my mind about this. :slight_smile: The FESCo policy is currently the active policy. This is referred to as supporting historical documentation. It doesn’t really need to be updated. However, it’s basically a random unmaintained wiki page, which isn’t a great way to preserve history.

Should we add a “historical documents” section to the Council Docs for things like this? There are several other such older Board documents that might be nice to organize and preserve somewhere.

Absolutely. If we clearly mark them as historical, there’s a lot of benefit in having them online and easy to find. It definitely helps us avoid re-inventing wheels we tried to invent in the past, etc.

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