Fedora CoreOS Raspberry Pi 4 image?

Did anyone succedd to install FCOS on Raspberry PI 4?
I have spare 8GB model I would use to run OKD4 cluster running FCOS to provide home lab for testing purposes.
I found this link:

Seems to be complicated and first I have to install fedora workstation/serwer on raspberry.
(found Rpi 4 was not supported in late 2019, but what is now?)
Maybe if anyone did it before will be kind to share image?

I don’t have any updates, but I’m getting a Pi in the mail soon and am going to be trying to get FCOS on it too :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it. If you succedd please let us know.

I was thinking maybe I might try building a Raspberry Pi 4 cluster if FCOS can be made to run on it. I have no experience with running a cluster before and this could be an inexpensive way learn about running a cluster with Kubernetes. Keep us posted on your progress.