Fedora CoreOS on Vultr - emergency console?


I’m attempting to deploy Fedora CoreOS (stable) on Vultr. When it works, it works well. Unfortunately, when there’s something wrong with the ignition file, this is all I get:

There’s no enough scrollback to find out what the problem was, so I’m essentially stuck at this point. Is there some way to get more out of the console?
The documentation isn’t really sufficient:

I’ve tried various console options, but they all either seem to be ignored or ineffective.

The machine appears to be completely inaccessible when this happens, so the console is all I have.

Managed to make some small progress by quickly mashing the keyboard before the system boots so that I can edit the kernel command-line arguments and remove console=ttyS0,115200. This allows the emergency shell to appear on the Vultr console:

I’ve yet to get kernel_arguments to actually remove the arguments in the Butane configuration though.

Yup, that’s the emergency shell failure mode when a serial console is enabled but not present. What version of Fedora CoreOS are you using? Current releases shouldn’t be enabling serial console by default on Vultr.

Vultr actually have CoreOS as an official selectable option now. I believe the stable x64 option gets you CoreOS 36 (which, of course, immediately updates itself to 37.20230110.3.1).

We don’t recommend using stale images. See the FCOS docs for instructions on launching from a current image.