Fedora CoreOS moving to podman v4

Cross-posted with this coreos-status email.

In the coming months, the Podman container runtime will be upgraded
from v3 to v4. This is a major release that introduces backward incompatible changes to configuration files and APIs.

The full release notes for Podman v4 are available here. Here is a brief summary of how this will impact Fedora CoreOS nodes:

  • Existing containers will be preserved without any change required.
  • Compatibility for the Docker API is fully preserved.
  • Users of the Podman remote API will need matching server/client versions.
  • Rollbacks to a version with Podman v3.x will require manual action.
  • Only new installations will use the new network stack by default.

For more details, see the Major Changes page in the Fedora CoreOS

This change will be rolled out together with the rebase to Fedora 36:

  • the next rebase is targeted for 2022-03-15
  • the testing rebase is targeted for 2022-04-19
  • the stable stream will follow testing as usual
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