Fedora coreos mirror image for root fs

I am unable to find Fedora CoreOs mirror image for root fs. I can find stable image for coreos but mirrored imaged is not there.
For example, for openshift I can find all the mirror images here https://mirror.openshift.com/pub/
For fedora I see this page Home - MirrorManager
But for coreos there is no image.

Can anyone help on this?

Hello @mohitagarwal and welcome to :fedora: !

The easiest method, at least for me, to download Fedora CoreOS images is via the coreos-installer download command.

If you’re looking to install Fedora CoreOS on bare metal, I’d recommend checking out Installing CoreOS on Bare Metal :: Fedora Docs if you haven’t already.

Hello @hricky , thanks for the reply.
Yes, the intention is to install Fedora CoreOS on bare metal. I checked the document and it suggests various approach. What I am looking for is a mirrored image for coreOS, the document suggests to download the image from stable version and then pointing at downloaded image while installation.

I checked for mirror list of images on Home - MirrorManager

But can not find for Fedora CoreOS. Is there any other place where I can find the mirrored image?
I understand downloading the stable image and then mirroring it, but wondering if it already exists there.
Appreciate the help. Thanks

All the latest official images are on the download page.

If you’re asking about regional mirrors specifically for Fedora CoreOS artifacts, I’m not sure about that, but the official downloads should be reasonably stable and fast globally.

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