Fedora CoreOS Front Page Revamp (looking for feedback!)

Hi Jonathan! I should be able to make it, I’ll put it on my calendar :slight_smile:


  • I really like the magenta with this edition. Especially on the hero logo, it does a lot for the atomic/ planet core metaphor.
  • The consistent design with the others feels right
  • Bullet points are helpful
  • Platforms supported section is also really helpful, I like the big logos

Critical Feedback

  • Hero Section Reviews:
    • What would the functional difference between the Reviewed by: button and the Watch the latest reviews link to the right?
  • This might just be my noobishness towards the edition, but I am unclear about use cases for CoreOs.
    • It makes sense that it’s kinda a need to know sorta thing so I don’t think a lot of detail is needed
    • but some info on use cases, maybe small examples? kind of to contextualize it a bit would be helpful
      • especially for people who are starting to get into containerized workloads but it’s kind of a new territory for them (I consider myself kind of in this category).
  • Supported platforms section:
    • This looks great, I wonder if it would be good to have the names underneath the logos?

Great job, the hero section has a lot of personality and really makes me want to learn more!


I actually didn’t even realise they were the same, I’ve been looking at this format for so long I didn’t even question it! I’ll take out the “Watch the latest reviews” link! Thanks for pointing that out.

I can add in a small example of that! From what I believe it’s aimed at a software developer who doesn’t want to be overly concerned with the operating system. They only need an operating system to operate their application; they are not really interested in becoming experts in it. Or if they want to create a desktop application that is containerised so they can distribute and make it easily accessible to others.

I can try adding the names underneath and see how they compare!

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback Ashlyn I really appreciate it! I’ll post updates with the feedback implemented :slight_smile:

We discussed this in the community meeting today.

Thank you @ekidney for joining us to discuss the feedback. Here is a bulleted summary of our conversation.

  • Wording
    • Maybe for the Title and Subheading we can have something like:
      • Title: “The container optimized OS”
      • Subheading: “A minimal OS with automatic updates. Scalable and secure.”
  • Navigation Flow
    • We have a release notes page that we would like to keep somewhere in the flow. Perhaps another link alongside Download Now.
  • Design
    • Are the first two images inpiration for the 3rd image? @ekidney answered “YES”.
    • Can we remove the orange balls from interfering with the text heading or maybe experiment with removing them altogether?
    • Can we make the 3D CoreOS image a little less glossy?
    • Can we make the platform/cloud icons a little smaller?
    • Can we add some mouseover text to the platform/cloud icons so a user can understand what cloud each one of them is for (in case they don’t recognize/know the icon)?
      • We might even be able to link to our docs page for each platform.

Just an update with suggested changes!

For the hero I made the image ‘less glossy’ and removed the orange balls / stars altogether. The tag line has been changed to what the CoreOS team came up with :slight_smile: Also changed the button next to ‘Download’ to direct to the release notes.

For the supported platform sections I made the logos smaller and changed them to their icon + word-mark logos (where available) instead of just the icons.

One thing that I haven’t included was a use case for CoreOS. I’m not certain what I could put for that. If anyone has any screenshots or example of how they use CoreOs that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all your help / suggestions! Let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks great! This is what’s currently built FYI: The container optimized OS | The Fedora Project

And Feel free to update the content/tagline/images on the CMS deploy linked on fedora / Fedora Websites and Apps / Fedora Websites / fedora-websites-3.0 · GitLab!

Just trying to close the loop here. Great updates, thanks @ekidney !


Thanks Niko, I’ll get that updated asap! :slight_smile:

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This was discussed in the Fedora CoreOS community meeting today.

A few more suggestions from us based on the new design:

  • TOP: nice work on the update. A few suggestions:
    • The color of the shpere is a bit more dark blue than our current logo is. Maybe we can get it a bit closer?
    • The level of detail of the gears inside the core is a bit distracting. Could we apply some sort of blurring or some sort of haziness to make the detail there a little less evident? Open to other suggestions here too. Not sure if blurring is the right thing to do.
    • The polygonal lines of the sphere show up too much. Is there any way to make the points and lines not show up and look more like a perfect sphere?
  • ICONS: the changes to the ICONs look great. A few suggestions:
    • “Platforms supported by CoreOS” → “Platforms supported by Fedora CoreOS”
    • Place them in alphabetical order (i.e. DigitalOcean would go on the first line, etc.)
    • There are few platforms missing: QEMU, VMWare and VirtualBox
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Hi Dusty!

Apoloigies for the delay, had some time taken up with other projects :slight_smile:

I have reworked the design and this is what I have come up with.

I’ve edited the sphere a bit - made it darker, added lighting. I was trying to get it to look more ‘space-y’ if that makes sense. I think the darkening of the sphere has addressed the distracting gears a bit. I can go ahead with adding a haze effect if you don’t think this is suffice. I tried to blur but if didn’t really work. I think if we were to go the haze direction I could add cloud-y texture around it.

I have updated the platforms section too. I added in the platforms mentioned and organised them alphabetically :slight_smile:

Please let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

These improvements look great (my opinion) :slight_smile:

Maybe we can see the option with the “cloud-y texture” and compare before we decide?

Thanks Emma!

Sure! I was thinking something like this:

I can polish it up of course :slight_smile:

I’m torn. I like the fact that it hides some of the details of the gears but I don’t know if it’s the right look. Maybe more of a fog instead of clouds?

Let’s see what other people think.

why this core os logo have so much pollution in front of that logo. does not look good at all.
what i can understand from that you want to make a cloud but it looks like pollution.

She’s accommodating a request from me for the haze. We’re just playing around with ideas.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hey Emma! Thank you for putting work into this logo! It looks great so far.

I have some questions about the current model and background you’re using:

  1. For the gradient background, I like the color choices for Core. The one color that stands out to me is the biege or smoke colored fade in the bottom right hand corner. Was this choice an intentional brand color? I wonder what it would look like if the gradient were swapped so that the pink was bottom right.

  2. On the model itself, are you using a 3D software like Blender to create and render it? If so, to my eye, it looks like there may be too little roughness or too much sheen applied to the material, and the bevel may be a little too sharp as it reveals the inside. Maybe some texturing there might help make the second inner core (before the gears, which I think are cool) pop.

Apologies if any of this comes off as domineering; the quality work you’ve done could ship as-is.

Kind regards,

@dustymabe I added more of a foggy look here:

Was this more what you had in mind? Let me know!

I took @bhibb’s suggestion and changed that browny colour in the corner too! I am using blender for the model and then doing some post edits in GIMP! I’m still as bit new to blender so some of the things im not used to but I might try and matt-ify (?) and add some texture in GIMP and see what I come up with! Thanks so much for the feedback - it’s great getting input from someone familiar with the software :smile:

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I like it :slight_smile:

I’ll bring it up at our community meeting tomorrow and see what everyone else things and if we have any more feedback to give.

Nice work!

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The latest iteration looks great. I think it’s coming along, and it looks nice with the whispy fog and the gradient color choices.

The comment @dustymabe had about the gear detail makes sense as the image evokes automation and the cogs that keep the core spinning, but they’re a little bright and shiny, so I see what he meant by hiding some of the details of the gears. Perhaps it might change the look a bit by having them interlocking, or adding a little ‘matt-ify’ as you say!

It’s much easier to critique than to produce, at least from where I’m sitting. Your style choices are strong and the concept is sound.

I wonder what it would look like if the cutout direction were swapped from right to left…

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I don’t think we had any more feedback. :+1:

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That’s great! thanks for all your help Dusty :slight_smile: