Fedora Core 32 hangs on shutdown: unable to unmount /var

My system is behaving oddly. Since I upgraded to Fedora Core 32, I can no longer reboot the system without using the power switch. I issue the “sudo reboot” or “sudo poweroff” command, and the shutdown proceeds until it is unmounting filesystems. It reports that it can’t unmount /var. A few lines later, it is reporting that an LVM2 monitor is running, waiting for disks to unmount. And it stays here forever, updating the wait time on the screen, as it never unmounts /var.

I deliberately have /var on a different partition than /, so that filling up the /var partition if some logging event goes berserk (or the databases I have in /var/lib/pgsql or /var/lib/mysql fill up the partition) doesn’t cause the system to crash.

Any idea what won’t let go of /var? I’m presuming some operating system process has an open file on /var and won’t close it until later in the shutdown sequence. Of course, since I can’t open a new terminal session on the system at this point, I can’t run lsof to find out what file it is.

Perhaps upgrading to Fedora 33 can solve the issue.
Otherwise check system journal for clues, or try disabling non-critical services to find out which one is the cause of the problem.