Fedora Core 30 Restarts in Middle of Night for No Apparent Reason

I have been using Fedora Core 29 (recently upgraded to 30) for several weeks.

Almost every night my computer seems to restart for no apparent reason.

While I am using it, zero problems, but in the morning when I go to my desktop I discover the machine has unexpectedly rebooted. This has happened nearly every night, with no apparent pattern.

I tried looking through journalctl and am having trouble reading it… the log seems to be out of order, the date goes from Dec 8 to Dec 9 and then back to Dec 8 again… makes it difficult to ascertain what is going on…

I do notice one log entry that seems to be a flag for me

Dec 09 03:53:57 _____ systemd-journald[340]: Received SIGTERM from PID 1 (systemd).

Would this be the root of the issue? How can I solve it? What steps can I take to further debug and trace the issue?

Thank you kindly for any advice or pointers.

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