Fedora Cloud Front Page Revamp (looking for feedback!)

Hi everyone!

I am back with another request for feedback. I have been working on the Fedora Cloud front page for a while now and finally have a draft to show the community!

The current version is here on the team’s Gitlab development branch.

The ticket on the Website Design tracker is here.

Graphic on hero area

I wanted to go with an air / space theme as I felt it went well with what Cloud was looking to portray.

The concept I ended up going for was the hot air balloon. It steers away from the space / rocket theme cloud providers usually display.

I rendered hot air balloons in Blender on a transparent background and added them to a cloud cut-out. The tutorial I followed for the balloons was in a cartoon style, but I am happy with how it came out.

Shown below is the initial draft within the CMS the Websites and Apps team are using to update the assets:

I used the orange feature colour as a placeholder. Looking at the Fedora Cloud logo, you can see it is grey:

I think using grey as the feature colour might not have a strong visual impact, so I went with the cooler tones in the Fedora palette to somewhat match. I went with purple and a hint of pink that suits the page / concept quite well.

Why Fedora Cloud?:

For this section, I used the documentation currently available and the information I got while interviewing stakeholders. Please let me know if there is anything I can improve on here.

Endorsed Partners of Fedora Cloud:

I chose Endorsed Partners as the stakeholders did not want to use Featured Providers. It is open to change as I am unsure what describes the relationship best. The logos are not equal sizes, but it is getting fixed soon! At the moment, I have AWS, Google Cloud and Vagrant. Please let me know if I have left any out!

Build by You:

This section appears across all the edition pages and reflects the relevant information / what was available on the docs page for the Fedora Cloud WG.

Feedback is welcome! Thank you for reading <3


Hey Emma,
I love the designs (espec the background for “Built By You”). It might be wip but the bullet points do not seem aligned?
Also, in regards to the “Why Fedora Cloud” the columns seem unbalanced (different length). We should start and close with the strongest arguments we want to highlight (e.g. Customizable top left & secure bottom right… or open source).
I like the logos at the bottom and hope we could get some more (and have them moving through the page like a banner - just a crazy thought)
Could we add a tiny balloon to the left on the starting page? To me the left side seems empty:
Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 13.44.42
Nevertheless, it looks amaaaaazing and those are just thoughts :slight_smile:

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Hi Julia!

Yeah a lot of the alignment issues are being worked on atm! It will be fixed at some stage :slight_smile:

I switched two of the points around and took out some words so it looks more balanced:

For the logos moving across - I think this is a good idea! I know the Design Team are starting to look at animations within CSS and ThreeJS so it could be something implemented down the line!

A third balloon! I couldn’t decide whether to have it orange or pink, what do you think?:

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Hey Emma,
I kinda like pink better but I may have a tiny bias here :sweat_smile:


This is a side detail, but I love the choice of hot air balloons because it feels like it pays homage to one of our older wallpapers from long, long ago[1].

The old wallpaper…

  1. Fedora 6 or 7? ↩︎