Fedora Classroom: Discussion on possible topics for starting fedora classroom again


I was thinking of organizing some Fedora classroom sessions, but the issues are very old at this point, so I’d like to know about possible topics that you all would be interested in.

I am thinking about starting with something general like things about the command line, which are not strictly about Fedora but Linux in general, and once we gain some momentum hopefully more people can come forward to organize sessions we can have many different topics being taught by different people.

I have a few ideas in mind:

  • Starting with a “fundamentals series”, where people new to Fedora or Linux in general can get a sense about the command line.
  • A series for people who already use Linux in some way and know the very basics of command line, but would like to learn more about doing things efficiently, i.e. using tools for text manipulation, automation etc.

But I would also like to hear about your thoughts too, so please leave some ideas if you have in the comments.