Fedora Cinnamon Taskbar not set right

Hi there,

We am running Fedora on one of our office desktops and the taskbar seems to have gone strange.

There appears to be some of the gaps where “favorites” we removed. Is there a way to reset this back to standard? Not sure how this happened.

Hi Benjamin

This is how it should be.

The left-hand bar of the Cinnamon menu always shows ‘Lock Screen, Logout, Quit’ at the bottom. They are fixed - regardless of your favourites on that bar.

The favourites are shown at the top of the bar and fill downwards from the top as you add each favourite. The menu is a fixed height, so if there are few favourites, there’ll be a gap between the favourites at the top and the fixed ‘Lock Screen, Logout, Quit’ at the bottom.

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okay thanks a lot I had no idea, i was sure it was shorter (less high) before I started adding apps.

Thanks for explaining.

Icon sizes change as the favorites menu fills up. That probably affected your perception.

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