Fedora can't access Windows drive (likely due to RAID/Intel Rapid Storage)

I dual boot Windows 10 and LInux. I haven’t partitioned my existing Windows drive, I install linux distributions on a separate SSD that I had fitted into my laptop for this purpose.

This is important because I had been using Ubuntu 24.04 on the second SSD till last week, but decided to switch to Fedora 40. But Fedora doesn’t let me access my WIndows drive, while Ubuntu did. There’s no entry for Windows in the file manager, so it looked like Fedora couldn’t even read the drive.

So I opened KDE Partition manager, and this is what I got:

I tried to manually add an entry to fstab, but in the process I used the blkid command and discovered that my Windows drive is listed as type “isw_raid_member”.

Then as a test, I reinstalled Ubuntu on a USB drive, and ran blkid from there. It showed all entries properly, with the type listed as nfts for Windows.

Also, here’s what KDE Partition manager showed me from that Ubuntu install:

A little more looking around made me realize that my WIndows seems to have been installed with Intel Rapid Storage enabled, which is what I think is leading to it being listed as “isw_raid_member”??

I don’t have any knowledge about RAID or Intel Rapid Storage or even hard drives in general, so I don’t how how to proceed. I’m assuming that since accessing the Windows drive is possible through Ubuntu, it shouldn’t be impossible to do in Fedora.

I don’t want to mess with my drives until I know what I’m doing, and since all I want to do is access my Windows files in Fedora, it’s not too big a loss if I can’t. Still, I would appreciate any possible solutions.

Please post the output of lsblk -f.
Use the preformatted text option using the </> button, do not post as a screen shot please.

With that output the state of your disks and partitions should be clearer for us to comment on. FYI Fedora supports BIOS raid that you think is involved.

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NAME FSTYPE FSVER LABEL         UUID                                 FSAVAIL FSUSE% MOUNTPOINTS
│    vfat   FAT32               F149-9E36                             580.9M     3% /boot/efi
│    ext4   1.0                 d833ebc4-f270-4091-9194-13f29292d247  451.7M    47% /boot
     btrfs        fedora_fedora 4102353c-b968-4d47-914a-407876df4353  128.5G    41% /usr/bin/gamescope
│    isw_ra 1.4.0                                                                   
│    isw_ra 1.4.0                                                                   

You should be able to mount /dev/md126 and /dev/md127.
I expect one is the windows rescue partition and the other the windows system.

FYI you can see more info able the RAID with cat /proc/mdistat.