Fedora Badges Stories prioritization

Hi all,

I have added the user stories we brainstormed in the wiki page in
the github issues of Tahrir. I know that not all issues are
targeted to Tahrir but that gives us a good central place.

I have also created a github project so that we can track the work
on the long term. What is needed now is for us to roughly prioritize
these stories, so we can focus on let’s say 5 to 10 stories. I would
like to try to use the github’s reactions (see image below) thumbsup to up vote a

From github.com

When voting try to think about what you really would like to be done
and also what do you think would bring value to the project. I propose
for each person voting to have a maximum of 5 votes, ie one person can
only choose 5 issues.

Let’s give this a try.

PS: if you do not have a github account, please you send me you 5
stories by email and I ll take into account your vote.

Many Thanks

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Thanks @cverna, I left some ratings and a few comments where I thought it was helpful. :smile: Thanks for driving this work.