Fedora at SCaLE 20x

Scott’s posts about SCaLE 20x, now in CommBlog form!

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@vwbusguy the draft is available at Fedora at SoCal Linux Expo 20x – Fedora Community Blog

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I’ve logged in. I noticed one typo: “Calfornia” → California. It looks like Brian’s Fedora talk was omitted from the post. Was that intentional?


Semi-intentional. Do you have more than a sentence you can say about it? If not, I can work it in somewhere (probably the opening paragraph)

Feel free to polish this as you see fit:

Brian Monroe (aka, paradoxguitarist) presented the Fedora talk on Saturday. It was very well attended. He gave an overview of considerations for doing professional audio with Linux in terms of recommended hardware, what is needed on the Linux software side of things, and how the Fedora Jam SIG defaults save considerable effort in getting things set up. The talk included a live demonstration of the *Fedora Jam SIG using a MIDI keyboard to synthesize various instruments and utilized sound patches to generate impressively realistic compositions. This was then setup in the back of the Fedora booth at the exhibition hall afterwards (with headphones instead of the stereo speakers used in the demonstration) so musically inclined people could try it out for themselves, and several did! It was another great demonstration of how the Fedora community breeds creativity.

  • It might be useful to at least link to the Fedora Jam SIG here as it doesn’t get quite as much press as the other Fedora flavors here.


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I’m choosing to interpret the :heart: react as a “ship it!” (I should ask Matthew to add a :ship: reaction). It’s set to publish 2023-03-23T08:00:00Z, but we can still make edits before (or after!) then.

How about adding the picture for Brian’s talk? I have other pictures from it if you would like more options:


Added (at a much smaller size)

Works for me. I like the simplified language and active voice edits you’ve done here. Good stuff!

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Half of the “skill” just involves changing red/yellow lights in Yoast SEO to green. :smiley:

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