Fedora Appreciation Week 2023: Day 7

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Today is the last day of Fedora Appreciation Week. :tada: While this week has been a dedicated time for expressing our gratitude, we aim to nurture and continue the tradition of showing appreciation to our friends throughout the year.

We want to thank everyone who joined us in this celebration. 💙 Your participation and contributions have made this event a truly special and memorable experience. As we move forward, let’s carry the spirit of gratitude with us and continue to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of our Fedora community.

Contributor Stories

Today’s Contributor Stories comes from Mikel.

Contributor Story #13 from Mikel

Who is your story about?: GO-SIG contributors

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Embarking on my journey as a member of the go-sig community has been an enriching experience, spanning two years of collaboration and growth. In this vibrant space, my focus revolves around maintaining packages that I find indispensable – from gh and glab to doctl, grpcurl or xq. The process of creating my initial package was nothing short of a challenge, involving a deep dive into the intricacies of macros and the intricate workings of Go itself.

However, what has truly defined this journey is the incredible support and unwavering patience I’ve received from the stalwarts of go-sig, namely @eclipseo, @gotmax23, @alexsaezm, and @fale. Their mentorship has been instrumental not just for me but for the entire community. In the spirit of recognizing that we all stand on the shoulders of previous giants, these individuals go beyond the call of duty, not only assisting with troubleshooting but also contributing to the community’s collective knowledge.

In a world where collaboration is key, I am fortunate to be surrounded by such a supportive and forward-thinking community.



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