Fedora App Store Shows Removed Packages as Still Installed

I have a fresh install of Workstation and recently noticed that the application store still shows removed software as being installed.

Im pretty new to Fedora & linux in general so I have been learning to use command line for installing/removing software but sometimes its nice to have a quick visual reference. Is there a reason why im having this issue on relatively fresh install, or is this a known issue with the app store?

If so are there other package managers I can use for browsing my installed repositories?

Thanks guys…

Please define ‘Fedora App Store’. There is AFAIK no such official designation. The closest I can come to understanding that term is the gnome-software icon & app which is installed by default.

If that is what you are referring to, then there may be a disconnect of sync between dnf and gnome-software metadata. Although both get the metadata and packages from the same repo, the method and timing of metadata updates can be out of sync, so changes made using dnf may not reflect instantly in the software app.

The command pkcon refresh force updates the metadata for the software app and dnf upgrade --refresh will update the metadata for dnf. Usually after doing both the software app should show the same status as dnf for installed packages.

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It’s possible that you removed software via dnf but it’s still installed via flatpak or vice versa. Gnome Software shows from both sources.

Yes I was referring to the default application store found on a fresh fedora installation.

I’ll give this a try, thanks for the reply.


Makes sense to me. Given the Fedora Mobile stuff in the works, I imagine this won’t be the last time we hear Gnome Software referred to as an “app store”, even though there’s nothing sold on it.

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