Fedora and Molecule

It appears that the python3-molecule package is (a) out of date, and (b) now unmaintained. I use molecule on occasion to test a few fedora specific roles I have (mostly personal use but available on github).

What is the recommended approach to installing and maintaining a workable ansible and molecule environment on Fedora? Install ansible from packages and molecule from pip (technical interlude - have multiple package managers is frustrating)?

After a few months of not using molecule I needed to update a role and immediately ran into lots of python errors. I get the sense that a more than superficial understanding of python development environments is now needed to work effectively with molecule.

All on F38, soon moving to F39 beta.

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If the system python libraries aren’t cutting it for you, then there are basically two sane options:

Use python venv and install things with pip in that venv environment.

python -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install ansible molecule
ansible-playbook ...

Use a toolbox or podman container and install things there with pip.

I very much do not recommend that you install things with pip globally on your system outside of one of these methods.

Thanks Scott. I appreciate the tips. I would much rather use system libraries but molecule is no longer maintained so pip seems to be the route to take.

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For python modules that are packaged and available in the distro I also prefer to install the rpm. However, there are often things that require the use of pip and as such I always use pip as my user to avoid possible conflicts with the system packages. Since it seems the python path prefers the user installed modules first that works for me without breaking anything system-wide.

I’m a little surprised by that given this recent announcement:

I assume you rather meant that it currently needs a packager in Fedora?

Yes you are correct - the python-molecule package has been orphaned in Fedora. I just installed F39 on my workstation and the package is no longer available.

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