Fedora anaconda media checker

Does the media check on boot verify all the files of the installation media?
If so , is it necessary to check ISO of the image everytime if the usb already does it for you?

As I do understand it checks the integrity of the boot medium when you boot from it. If you get an error there, you can expect that something went wrong with the creation of your USB Medium or the ISO File.

In this case it makes sense, to download the ISO from a reliable source again and check with the checksum of the downloaded Iso before you write it to your boot medium.

My personal meaning is, if you not have a sensitive network/infrastructure just do the medium check is good practice. If you like to do both tests every time (while create a new boot medium) even better.

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In general, once the usb device has been verified it is not necessary to repeat that with every install using that device. It is usually, after all, created from an iso image and is non-writable.

If the iso image is written to the usb device using mediawriter I believe it is verified when it is written. If using dd, and the iso image was verified using the checksum before writing to the usb then it achieves the same security level.

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