Fedora Account system groups now synced to Fedora Discussion!

We now have a link between groups in our account system and groups on this site. We can use this to connect Fedora team membership to various Discourse features. For details, check out this guide:


what about forums.fedoraforum.org ? i found quite a lot of topics and discussions over there

That is an independent site run by Fedora community members, and not officially endorsed by or affiliated with the project.


Just out of interest, is the Discord Discord Fedora’s office channel?
Can you point me to an explanation of Fedora’s plans to consolidate/merge or otherwise optimize the forums. Thanks.

It is run by Fedora community members but isn’t official.

We don’t have any plans to shut down or consolidate community-run forums.

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“shut down” did not occur to me. All I really want to know is, what are the official forums run by Fedora.

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