Fedora 40 Final Infrastructure freeze now in effect!


we are now in the infrastructure freeze leading up to the Fedora 40
Final release. This is a final release freeze.

We do this to ensure that our infrastructure is stable and ready to
release Fedora 40 when it’s available.

You can see a list of hosts that do not freeze by checking out the
ansible repo and running the freezelist script:

git clone
ansible/scripts/freezelist -i inventory

Any hosts listed as freezes is frozen until 2024-04-16 (or later if
release slips). Frozen hosts should have no changes made to them without
a sign-off on the change from at least 2 sysadmin-main or rel-eng
members, along with (in most cases) a patch of the exact change to be
made to this list and/or a pull-request to the infra/ansible repo.