Fedora 40 does not start live cd, bluetooth drive not supported

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem using a live pendrive from Fedora 40, on the 39th I never had this problem but on the 40th it doesn’t start, it’s alleging this problem of an incompatible drive, every day I’ve been trying to download a new version to see if it solves it but nothing, Does anyone know how I can solve this or if the Fedora team can solve this?! Thank you all !!! Note, I’m sorry for the English in Google Translate!!

How did you create the USB device used to boot.?
Has that device ever been connected to a windows machine since it was created?

What I see at time 17.832795 seems to indicate it might be something corrupted by MS

I have seen that Windows is giving errors and stuff when comes to making Fedora image to bootable. Beat option is to use Fedora media writer and download automatically that method is only way I have got best results, but still might give errors on test and install phase.

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Fedora 40 is still under development, so I’ve moved this to the QA team’s tag. If you are testing Fedora 40, please consider joining the various test days and so on.


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I don’t think any of the messages you can see there is actually your problem. None of them is actually about a disk or stick - they’re about wifi and bluetooth, and none of them really look like errors.

It’s more likely the problem is actually that the system is getting stuck trying to switch to graphical output mode, and those are just the last messages that happen to be shown before that happens. If you know how to change boot parameters, can you try booting with the additional parameter 3 (yes, just 3)? That should try and boot to a console without starting graphical mode. If that works, we know the problem is with graphical initialization somehow.

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