Fedora 39 Workstation will get stuck at Installing boot loader

Hi team,

I have found an issue with Installing Fedora 39 Workstation on my mini-pc.

It is an Intel i7 minipc with two SSD; one 512GiB and other 25GiB.

During install I select the First 512GiB and proceed with Installation.

The installer will get stuck at the Installing boot loader step.

The issue happened when automatic partitioning was selected with BTRFS.

I also validated the fstab after mounting the partitions in a Live CD session, but and found the two UUID entries for root and home sub volume for the BTRFS partition.

I was able to do a complete install after selecting traditional fixed partition system.

Further, I reproduced the issue with VirtualBox by setting up a Fedora 39 VM with multiple HDDs.

In Virtual Box VM install, when selecting Btrfs or LVM partitioning system will cause the Installation to Hang as expected.

Please advise how this can be addressed.


We need to see rdsosreport,txt. The installer Live Linux has Gnome Disks which you can use to check the “health” of your nvme0n1 drive. My experience has been that older drives often give out when doing installs. Sometimes it is necessary to update drive firmware.

Hi George,

I checked the nvme0n1 drives and its healthy.

I opened the machine chassis to understand what is the deal with the nvme1n1 disk. Looks like this is the Intel Optane partition that comes inbuilt into the NVME drive and provides some performance boost.

Hit some minor issues accessing the rdsos file from Live CD… will try to provide that at the earliest.


In your image copied below I see 2 different nvme drives. Do you actually have 2 drives or is that a symptom of the problem.

I seen that before, those nuc’s are pesky. Just stick with one nvme drive.
Also had an intel660 nvme that was tempermental, since beached that one that was working on a 5th gen i3 one nvme gumstick now running on a single 2.5 sata 1tb( only use as an ubuntu backup sftp). Was running a samsung nvme with no problems but needed it for a different system since it was a gen4.
Mr. Gates had the impression that everyone that was going to buy one of those was going to run Windows…so you have boot errors…thats normal.

There’s a fix where you edit the boot /grub file under where adding “quiet”, rids it of the boot error’s that was with a debian base OS.
It never used to do that until updating my bios with new firmware.
Don’t bother with that intel optane 25gb poodoo, Intel ssd division got sold off to solidigm, don’t expect to much support on that optane Linux support. Just stick it in the brown box under the porch with VCR’s 8-track players & rotary phones. By the way, you want a BTRFS drive setup on primary drive you should not be selecting that in a virtual machine as BTRFS, just use lvm…works fine.
If you want decent performance your memory should be matched and the 2rx8 versions…the fan won’t howl like a sweedish sex toy.

How to use Intel Optane memory for SSD cache may be helpful, but is using lvmcache.