Fedora 39 won’t boot, it randomly restarted and now won’t boot

I am limited to a phone now, I am really hoping it’s something easy to fix as my knowledge is limited.

Did you install updates before rebooting?

Can you select an older kernel from the boot menu and see if that one boots?
(Hold Shift on boot to display the boot menu on single OS systems)

What would that be for a dual boot?

Dual boot systems show the grub boot menu where you can select an older kernel to boot.

Then I have tried all of them and all fail to some degree, however not necessarily with as many errors! I have attached the journalctrl in the original post

Do you have a LiveUSB you can use to mount your system to? If so, we can use dnf to target that machine’s filesystem, update and do some more work to find the problem.

How do I go about that, I only have Fedora on my LiveUSB, and the systems windows operating system won’t boot anymore, I lost it a while ago, and haven’t figured out how to recover it yet!

I cannot help you with this, but there are folks here with that ability. . .

I can help you with this ! If you have a Fedora LiveUSB, you can boot into it, and go to to file manager and mount the drive you want to fix. The Fedora one.

Once there, you can open a Terminal and point dnf to that partition and initiate a

dnf --installroot=/path/to/my/system distro-sync --allowerasing --best

that should update your Fedora install to the latest build and sync your packages. Hopefully getting you back to where you need to be.

My startup looks nothing like that, I start up to a list of fedora options desktop 1, 2, 3, & Emergency Boot. I think I may have done something wrong when setting up my live usb

So you can’t boot into a Live environment at all?
Can you post a picture of it?

I’m not sure why you have all those options for a LiveUSB, but if you can at least get to a desktop, or even a terminal we can still work on this.

I have the grub terminal and the emergency boot command line, beyond that I am not sure, I think I ended up with fedora booting from an external drive without the live-blog stuff, now I need to find a way to add live boot to my drive after I get fedora back up and running

Could you post a picture of the Grub Screen? We might have to put in some commands to investigate

I think you are confusing what a LiveUSB is. it’s the Fedora 39 Workstation iso burned onto a USB. There’s no special way of getting this outside of just using