Fedora 39 - Rapid-photo-downloader

Is anyone inhere using rapid-photo-downloader? I just tried to download some shots and it crashes over here, last time i used it was before the Fedora 39 upgrade and quick search did not reveal anything relevant.

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I’ve never heard of the program, but how are you sure it is a Fedora problem? Have you reviewed logs to see why it crashes? Start the program from the terminal and see the output to gauge what could be causing the crash?

Do you get any error message when it crashes? Can you check the output of journalctl -f when it crashes to see if it gives any more info to go on?

No I’m not sure since it worked before, that’s why I asked if someone else used it. The application just segfaults,


I’ve been doing some digging on this software, how did you install it? did you use the install.py script? from the Frdora repos rapid-photo-downloader.noarch ? There also seems to be a very recent update (about 16hrs ag. . . on launchpad) . You could try to update to the latest version to see if that works for you or reach out to the Developer about the issue.

Future Me :

Here are some resources from the Project

Installed through the Software centre (thus basically the rpm from fedora itself), but in the meanwhile another user confirmed they have the same behaviour as I see so I can rule out pebkac (problem exists between keyboard and chair).

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