Fedora 39: No sound over HDMI on ThinkPad T460p and Ultra Dock 40A2


i’m using fedora 39, kernel 6.6.6 on an Lenovo ThinkPad T460p. Audio out over HDMI works fine, but when i attach an Ultra Dock 40A2, there is no sound over the HDMI connection.

Any help appreciated.

are firmware of Thinkpad and Dock up to date?

Okay, BIOS firmware is up to date

i found out how to update firmware of thinkpad and dock, propblem still persists

I have no clue, just guessing … after connecting the notebook to the dock, can you re-select your audio output?

Yes, tried that multiple times. Also changed to analog and back

Turned out the problem was faulty hardware. Swapping the dock with another one solved the issue. Somewhere i read earlier models may suffer from this audio problem.