Fedora 39 minor Gnome UI Bugs

Hi all,

I’m using Fedora 38 on my HTPC and Fedora 39 on my Laptop and Workstation.

All three of them have NVME for OS. PC in addition has SSD’s for storage/backups.

In Settings > About
It says “Disk Capacity Unknown” - This is case on laptop where is only 1 drive at all, and it’s NVME
However on my PC it says 480GB - which is capacity of my 2 SSD’s (2x240GB), there is no info about NVME capacity.

On my HTPC (F38) there is info about NVME capacity (Gnome 44.6)

Also one more UI issue which is anoying.

I deleted all apps which I don’t need. Calendar/Contacts etc. And now in Settings > Default Apps for calendar, it says “Text Editor”

Will this be fixed in some versions?


If any info is needed from me, please ask :slight_smile:

Seams to be similar to this: Bug #2038761 “gnome-disk-utility does not give size of nvme disk...” : Bugs : udisks2 package : Ubuntu

My NVME - Size: —

SSD size is good, nvme not

I believe it just means that .ical and similar calendar-related files will be opened in a text editor, since you have no specialized calendar application. Which is probably the reasonable thing to do. In other words, there’s no problem.

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File a bug:


I am having the same issue. Have you already filed the bug report?