Fedora 39 crashes after login when no Power Cable is plugged in

Whenever I use Fedora without my Power Cable plugged in, it works fine on the first boot, but when I shut it down and restart it, it crashes after logging in. I wasn‘t able to find any logs about this though and it just immediately turns off, without showing me anything. Any idea what I could do to debug this?

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to isolate the issue:

temporarily disable all gnome extensions and see if the problem persists.

temporarily create a new user and see if you can log in the second time.

do logs show anything interesting?

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Hello @arbee ,
Welcome to :fedora: ,
Sorry to hear you’re having an issue.
As @augenauf mentioned, logs could help here. Also, can you trigger this behaviour in a repeatable fashion? If so please describe the steps you take to do this, maybe I can test it out here. For logs journalctl -b | grep "gnome-session" may give some relevant info at least to narrow things down some. Just out of curiosity, is there an NVidia GPU involved here?

It happens very often… I don’t know though if I’m doing something specific beforehand that causes this, also I just noticed, that it had to boot up completely even though I didn’t shut it down the last time and just put it to sleep… And yes I do have an nvidia gpu, but also another one… But the nvidia one is the main one right now (The other one is from intel but is quite bad compared to the nvidia one)(also I’m not new to :fedora: , I just never encountered this issue before because I wasn’t using it remotely)

Hello, out of curiosity, do you have a Dell laptop? I’ve been experiencing weird performance and behavior issues from time to time (including occasional gnome session crashes) that all seems to be related to the power cable being plugged in or not. I noticed some issues appeared when the laptop was charged and I left the power alimentation for a while. Running on the battery from time to time solved all my issues.

It’s an hp spectre x360 5