Fedora 39 - Bluetooth - Apple Magic Mouse keeps disconnecting and no scrolling

hey there @adamwill I’ve installed your package right now, made some tests, and… YES, YOU NAILED IT!
I will go on with further tests, but so far, it looks like my issue is fixed, and everything seems working fine now.

Could this review of yours possibly address the other more “historical” bug I am experiencing since my first Fedora setup on my Mac (ie: random disconnections after upower intervention) too?
If you feel it could, I can provide some feedback on that too.

PS: thank you sooo much! :love_you_gesture:

sorry, I don’t know anything about that issue. do you mean random bluetooth disconnections? what “upower interventions” are you referring to?

@adamwill no problem!
I referred to that issue in this message: differently from the last issue we discussed so far (trackpad movement not working after a suspension), which was introduced in a very recent package update, the other issue was: on a vanilla Fedora installation made on a x86 iMac some months ago (I can double check the version if needed, but unfortunately I can’t say if any older version was fine), every few minutes my Magic Trackpad gets randomly disconnected, even while actively using it (ie: not during a suspension).
It can then be reconnected just using the Bluetooth menus.

After some troubleshooting, I found a good workaround ie: disabling + masking upower service completely (see above).

This behaviour seems to relate to point 1 of this issue as originally reported by @ejoin7937 (which is why I mentioned it too), and to this other topic too.

Having found a workaround, I honestly left it there until I got here looking for a solution to the latest, more critical, issue, but being now the bluez module under review, this other issue could be reconsidered (you please tell me!).

I hope this clarifies a bit: I’m available to provide further details / support / tests if you need them.

thanks. honestly, I wouldn’t say the bluez module is “under review”, exactly. I got bit by the scroll wheel issue, so I had a personal interest in getting that resolved, so I followed the upstream issues and helped test fixes. I also followed the reports of some significant bugs people hit in 5.72 and 5.73 upstream. but ultimately, all this stuff got caused and then fixed upstream, and all we’ve done to fix it is build and ship 5.75.

for the magic trackpad issue, the best chance you’d have to get it fixed is to re-enable upower to check it’s still happening with bluez 5.75, and if so, report it upstream at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub . The official downstream maintainer for bluez is peter robinson, who isn’t really a domain expert, he’s just keeping the package up to date. I also definitely cannot actually fix this stuff, I’m neither a bluetooth protocol expert nor a very good C coder, all I can do is follow upstream issues and test and backport fixes.

All very clear, thank you! So I can expect 5.75 to be released upstream very soon (good news!).

Then, I will wait for this to happen (so to have a more “standard” stack to test against / report) and re-enable upower, to see if the older bug is fixed too.

Meantime, after some more tests, I confirm that the latest bug is fixed for me with bluez 5.75: I hope this applies to @ejoin7937 's one too.

Thanks a lot for your help, very appreciated!

5.75 is already released upstream, and in stable updates for F40. it is in updates-testing for F39 and F38 currently, you can update to it with dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing update bluez.

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On Fedora 40 desktop booted from power off with bluez-5.75-1, journalctl --no-hostname -b -p3 contains:

Apr 24 15:11:41 bluetoothd[979]: src/gatt-database.c:database_add_chrc() Failed to create characteristic entry in database
Apr 24 15:11:41 bluetoothd[979]: src/gatt-database.c:database_add_service() Failed to add characteristic
Apr 24 15:11:41 bluetoothd[979]: src/gatt-database.c:database_add_app() Failed to add service
Apr 24 15:11:41 bluetoothd[979]: src/gatt-database.c:client_ready_cb() Failed to create GATT service entry in local database

This has already been reported by another F40 user as issue 821. Ever since the puppy chewed my BT earbuds I only need bluetooth with sites that require BT for proximity to a smart phone – haven’t needed that yet with F40.

Thank you! This fixed my Magic Mouse disconnect/scrolling problems on Fedora 39.

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As agreed, I re-enabled upower service and made some tests: I confirm 5.75 fixes all my bluetooth issues, including the oldest (repeated disconnections due to power management).
100% ok now :+1: