Fedora 39 Beta Wallpaper Feedback

Hey everyone!

Could we get some feedback for the day and night F39 beta wallpapers? @jimmac has created these really wonderful visuals and the design team is looking for constructive criticism or general thoughts. No comment is too small or insignificant, especially if you like these :wink:



As a reminder, this release was inspired by Florence Nightingale’s career as a nurse, scientist, data collector, and mathematical pioneer of better health outcomes that reformed the care of the sick. @ekidney proposed referencing soap and bubbles and thus these visuals were created.


officially my favorite wallpapers since F33, great work! :beefy:


I agree with @steiner I am using the night version on Fedora 39.


Simply beautiful peace of art.

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I’ve been using the F26 wallpapers or third party ones, but this looks so stunning I’ll probably switch to this!


Personally I don’t use wallpapers :smile: [1]
My favourite style is eventually like the Fedora 34 one.
Btw this is very very nice.

  1. Where solid color wallpapers are gone? ↩︎


I love the F39 version. It is much more attractive than the F38 and several earlier ones as well.


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Both are great wallpapers in my opinion. Much more appealing than previous ones in f37 and f38.

These are very attractive. I look forward to seeing how they fade across each other.
My current wallpaper is a hacked version of gnome drool that fades through the whole spectrum with the .xml formatting feature. I believe it uses 9 jpg files created by editing the colors in the svg file.
Is this image only available as .jpg, or is it something that can be translated to svg?
I would like to see more images that leverage gnome’s ability to fade between images. Mimicking time lapse or motion blur. Way more than 2 images can be used in these cross fades.

EDIT: For example… A set of images based on a render like this where the lighting source slowly moves or changes hue.

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When the update came through a week (two?) back, I thought “Wow, that is one of the nicer wallpaper updates, I might have to revert my custom wallpaper for this release.”

So, good job!

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The night one might be in my next rice :slight_smile:

I think they look great!

Looks like a photography made the way back in to a Fedora Wall Paper, right? I like it too.

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sudo dnf --releasever=39 install f39-backgrounds-gnome

is your friend :wink:

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This is great!

The concept works well and I like that it has recognizable elements, but the overall feel is still quite abstract. Use of blurry bokeh elements also give the images pleasing depth.

One small suggestion though. Left side of the daytime image feels somewhat empty compared to the right side. Perhaps some darker shapes there would make the composition more balanced? But of course adding stuff could just as well ruin the whole image. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, nicely done! :star_struck:

First of I also do really like these. I think they capture what you’re going for really well.

I do agree here though, maybe making the design more central would help there? Either way, it is a minor nit.

Fell in love with it, my favorite Fedora wallpaper yet

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You do good work @jimmac , keep it up!

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I’m happy that You mentioned the inspiration. Thanks. Wallpapers are also awesome, can’t wait to cover them with terminal windows. :clap: (And since constructive criticism is welcomed: “Red corners on night are maybe too bright.”)

I like these much more than the cartoonish style of 38, 37, and 34. I think the blue “Day” version would also look very nice with GNOME’s “dark style.”

Yeah, for the last couple of years I’ve moved towards using a solid black background on my laptop and phone. I think it looks very sharp and classy with the floating white text (including the Fedora background-logo-extension) in every OS dark style / mode. Thank you for that thread, by the way.

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