Fedora 39 almost perfect. Switch Pro Controller Issues

Hello Fedora community!

I’ve recently installed Fedora 39 on an external SSD to give it a test ride on my laptop (Acer Triton 300SE) and pretty much everything I need it to do works flawlessly in my experience.

Everything from recording MIDI input using my electronic drum kit on Ardour thanks to Pipewire and pipewire-jack, to generating AI images with ComfyUI and even having a second monitor with a different scaling on my Nvidia graphics card. It all works pretty much flawlessly. Except for one thing.

The thing that is holding me back from fully switching to Fedora 39 from Windows is the undecipherable issues I’ve been having with my main gamepad, a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Here’s the thing:

-I can connect it through bluetooth, but only once. If it turns off, I have to pair it again.
-The right analog stick has a severe centre offset which makes it pretty much unusable.
-It is detected as two devices, one with all the buttons and sticks, and another one with the motion controls, so I can’t use motion controls in, say, Yuzu.
-I installed the DKMS-HID-Nintendo thingy but it didn’t seem to help at all so I removed it, or so I thought. After removing it and rebotting a few times, it seems to be active (?)
-If I connect it through a USB cable, press L+R so the (uninstalled?) DKMS-HID-Nintendo module pairs it to my laptop, and open Steam, and launch Yuzu through Steam, the controller works perfectly fine, except for the fact that I can’t pass the gyro input from Steam directly to Yuzu sigh

So, does anybody here know how I can get my Pro Controller to:
-consistently connect through bluetooth
-Be recognized as a single device so I can use the gyro
-Not have the horrible right stick offset that makes it unusable

Even just being able to pass the gyro data through Steam to Yuzu would be enough to make me pull the trigger, I know it must be possible since I’ve had it just work with previous Fedora Releases and other distros.

Thanks in advance.