Fedora 39 Acer Aspire A315-58 keep spinning

The fan is making a loud noise and I don’t know what to do. I installed tlp and tlp-rdw, but the fan sound does not decrease. Is there any solution? I’m very annoyed by the fan noise and the processor temperature sometimes reaches 80. Most distros I’ve tried don’t reach that level?

cpu 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 × 4

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This appears to be a laptop

For a laptop, especially with the high cpu temps reported, the cause is often a restriction of air flow inside the case caused by lint/dust or by having the laptop positioned to restrict airflow into the case. Opening the case and cleaning the air flow passages and/or relocating the laptop usually fixes that.

The fan speed is usually controlled by cpu temps so whatever is causing the elevated temps should be addressed. Air flow, ambient temps in the room, and how active the system is (cpu load) are all factors that are involved in elevated temps and elevated fan speeds.

Another factor that might be involved would be age of the system and potentially breakdown of the thermal conductive compound between the cpu and heat sink (which limits the effective cooling). This is a distant second to the above but may be a factor.

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The device is fairly new and the thermal paste is also new. The Linux Mint distribution works great, but Fedora suffers from this problem. The temperature rises and the fan is loud. The problem is not from the device. The problem is from the distribution or the kernel.

Either something is making heat by working hard (common examples include software falling back to CPU intensive algorithms for encryption or graphics that are normally handled by hardware) or heat is not being removed properly. Linux provides many tools (text, Xorg, and wayland) to monitor temperature sensors and CPU workloads. You will need to collect some temperature and CPU usage data to understand the issue. bpytop (text mode in a terminal) is usually the first tool I try, but sometimes graphical timeline plots are more helpful.

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