Fedora 38beta electronic lab package

Chose Fedora workstation at the software installation and checked everything for installation. I found that choosing “Electronic lab” causes an error that prevents installation “Error checking software selection”. Details on the attached image. Installation media was Fedora-Everything-netinst-x86_64-38_Beta.

I encountered a further problem with the installation. Automatic bug reporting gave an error, so I am including the data in a file. Because I can´t upload it to this post - you can download it from http://sectordead.com/crash.tar.gz

Electronic Lab group includes package ghdl. In F37, ghdi was built with libgnat 12.

In F38, libgnat was updated to 13, but ghdl was not updated/rebuilt for F38 yet (hence the package ghdl...fc37.x86_64).

Package maintainers are aware of it: rhbz#2161618 – F38FailsToInstall: ghdl, ghdl-llvm, ghdl-mcode