Fedora 38 Nvidia driver installation: dkms autoinstall failed

As it’s installing Nvidia 535 driver on the Fedora38 system, the error message popped up like in the screenshot. The installation is only valid for the current version of the kernel. If my kernel upgrade later, it wouldn’t automatically build and install a new Nvidia module.
Please guys, does anyone know how to solve this issue?
Thx sooo much : )

Suggest you use the pomfusion drivers Howto/NVIDIA - RPM Fusion


Are there some updated guide for Wayland use?

The current docs are up to date.

Nvidia drivers are installed the same whether the user is using X11 or using Wayland. The how-to linked above works for nvidia drivers – no variances for the DE in use.

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From that screenshot that looks to be the Nvidia Open GPU modules :

To do this with dkms, it is slightly different. The 550 driver comes with but you need a couple more steps.