Fedora 38 KDE Mouse Pointer Remains Onscreen In RetroArch and EmulationStation DE


I have noticed that when I start an application like RetroArch or EmulationStation DE, (an emulator frontend), the mouse cursor remains onscreen even after these apps have launched and are running. It only disappears from the screen after I swipe my laptop trackpad. I’m running the appimage version of both RetroArch and ES-DE. This is on a Dell Inspiron 15 5570 laptop with 16gb of ram and a 1tb nvme drive. Thanks for your help.

Did you check on x11. KDE by default opens Wayland.

Thanks for your reply. I switched to x11 as you recommended and this did fix the issue, but it made all of my games run terribly. Too bad. It does seem to be an issue with wayland, but games perform much better using this driver.