Fedora 38 ISO does not include GCC

I’m surprised to see the Fedora 38 ISO no longer includes GCC or the make utility. This was useful for those of us with Wifi adapters that required building external modules, and also to potentially anyone that might require to do that. I can’t find any documentation regarding this change. Was this planned somehow?

Are you talking about the live iso?

Releases/38/ChangeSet - Fedora Project Wiki

GNU Toolchain Update (gcc 13.0, binutils 2.39, glibc 2.37, gdb 12.1)

Yes! I read they’re updating them, not that they’re removing them from the live ISO. And I don’t see anything related to it in the changelist.

I’ve tried to build a kernel module in a Fedora 37 live session, and this apparently requires the kernel-devel package which is not installed either, so it looks like this use case is no longer valid.

I recommend to gain Internet access over Ethernet, or with USB tethering from a smartphone.

That’s rather unfortunate…

In any case, was this removal addressed somewhere? I don’t find it documented.

Was GCC ever included in the ISO / default image? It’s not in Workstation group comps (at least for the last few releases that I recall); here’s a post suggesting it wasn’t in F21.

2149246 – (F38Workstationlivex86_64Oversize) Fedora 38: Workstation live x86_64 image exceeds maximum size


It’s unfortunate, but it makes total sense.

Thanks for providing the info my friend!

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