Fedora 38 GitHub Action throttling?

I’m setting up some base images for PHP that are deployed and built via GitHub actions, I noticed that I will randomly get very slow builds (which eventually complete) but the def upgrade/install process is realllllyy slow.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Alright, it turns out that I needed to disable the fedora-cisco-openh264 repo as that was causing the delays.

RUN dnf --disablerepo=fedora-cisco-openh264 install -y \
        curl \
        unzip \

And the speeds dramatically improved, also the connections overall seem kind of slow, seeing these kind of connection speeds.

Fedora 38 - aarch64                             592 kB/s |  62 MB

Shouldn’t we disable the h264 repo for the fedora container image by default?

I even think we ought to disable modular repos by default in general for F39…

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Yeah I was surprised to see that repo. It thought there was maybe a good reason? Is there a repo or something I can look into for where those images are built?