Fedora 38 crashes whenever I logout or suspend my system

Fedora 38 (Gnome 44) crashes whenever I suspend or log out from my device. It seems a common issue but in my case, I have to restart the laptop to solve the issue, which is really annoying.

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Hi! This is a general issue with Fedora Linux regardless of version.

Is there any fix planned to solve it? Because I use my laptop almost regularly, and if the issue persists I have to switch distro. This is a deal breaker for me.

This bug is on Bugzilla. I saw it a year ago.

Not likely if it only started with F38.

If there is a related bug on bugzilla then please link it for reference.

If this seems a common issue please link other references so we can look at what you seem to feel makes it common.

Certainly not.

it’s actually mentioned in the common issues section of Fedora 38

Here: GNOME sometimes crashes when users log out