Fedora 38 Console from menu does not Auto Close

Been using Fedora for many years. Recently I upgraded to F38 and encountered an interesting issue. I have several custom scripts with some being added to the menus with AppEditor. The menu option includes Launch In Terminal. With F38 the default terminal changed from Gnome Terminal to Gnome Console. Under Gnome Terminal preferences could be set to auto close when done. For Gnome Console, i cannot find a setting for configuring this behavior. Unfortunately, Googling for results refer usually to the Terminal settings since Console is too common. The Gnome Console site did not show any info on how to configure this behavior. Does anyone know how to configure this behavior?

If gnome-console is loaded on your system it seems strange. I just verified on my VM with a new install of fedora 38 and gnome-terminal is installed with gnome-console not installed.

IME one must manually install gnome-console after the OS has been installed if one wants the console.

Also, gnome-console is still under development and does not yet even have preference settings available.

The solution, if one wishes to use gnome-terminal is to either choose it instead of gnome-console when opening a terminal window or if it has been removed then install it and use it.

This machine has been upgraded a few times. It was originally F34 or F35 when built. Upgraded every version to get to current. I do not recall ever performing an action to request switching terminal. I did note the change after the recent F38 Upgrade. Gnome terminal is still installed and used regularly.

I do not see a setting in system preference or tweak tools for specifying the terminal application

DConf shows

alternatives shows no options for terminal.

The desktop file I am launching is
Comment[en_US.UTF-8]=GlobalProtect VPN Client

I don’t know if GNOME Console has such an option. Last I heard, it had no options…

If you have both GNOME Console (kgx) and GNOME Terminal (gnome-terminal) installed, GNOME prefers kgx[1]. This is not configurable.

If you want to use gnome-terminal to run terminal apps in desktop files, you can either:

  • remove gnome-console

  • or run gnome-terminal directly, something like this:

    Exec=gnome-terminal -x /home/jtoebes/bin/GP

    (Check the gnome-terminal manpage for syntax, I don’t use it.)

  1. via GLib/gio: Add kgx (gnome console) known terminals lists (ae65753b) · Commits · GNOME / GLib · GitLab ↩︎

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Or even easier, install both then select the proper desktop icon for the one to be used. I do that all the time.


Jeff, what are you talking about? Neither of your posts have anything to do with the topic.

You can work around that by using a shell script and naming it xdg-terminal-exec in your path.
IE …
which looks like

/usr/bin/gnome-terminal -- ${@}

For reference.

They do not address the auto close issue, but do address the claim by the OP that gnome console is the default terminal for fedora 38

and also your claim that

which apparently is based on launching a console terminal window from the command line or from a home-brewed desktop file.

Using the desktop launchers for the terminal windows (in both) I have never seen an issue with launching or closing another app from from the cli within either of those apps and kxg has never caused me an issue either with which terminal app is launched nor the priority of which is used as default.

Admittedly I do not create desktop files to launch a terminal window for purposes of running another app, but I suspect few actually do so.