Fedora 37 wifi card not detected

Fedora not detecting laptop wifi card.

Sometimes after booting into system wifi card just not recognized. Sometimes wifi card just dies when i work with my laptop. Reboot might fix the issue or it might not, wifi card just not detected. And after some time everything just works fine.

By “wifi card dies” i mean that there is no Network controller in lspci output.

It is worth noting that i have a dual boot system with windows, and after wifi card dies it is also not detected in windows.

I’m currently running kernel 6.2.8-200 but issue started since 6.13.

My hardware:
Laptop - MSI Delta 15
Wifi card - Intel Corporation Wi-Fi 6 AX210/AX211/AX411 160MHz

Does anyone have this issue?

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If the issue happens again, try to boot with an older kernel, install firmware updates, disable Fast Boot in BIOS, and perform a cold boot.

If you have dual boot, try to toggle off/on the device in Windows and check if the issue persists when testing separately reboot and full shutdown.

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Review in PCmag says “hot and loud”, which points to overheating and/or a power management glitch. I would make sure cooling air passages and fans are clean and use a monitoring tool that shows temperatures.

Searching journalctl may find some useful messages to explain the problem.