Fedora 37 upgrade removing kernel

This is my first time upgrading on Fedora, so sorry if this is a stupid question. I’m upgrading to Fedora 37 via cli, and it wants to remove the kernel, kernel-core, kernel-devel, kernel-modules and kernel-modules-extra.
I don’t see it reinstalling another version of any of these; while scrollng up it just ends at 'perl-Cpanel-JSON-XS, I can’t see what else is being upgraded. Should I upgrade?

It should remove the oldest kernel and install a new one for F37, so that’s fine.

Can you please clarify how you are upgrading? You should be able to see the whole upgrade transaction—are you using tmux/screen or something of the sort that’s got a limited scroll buffer?

I’m using Konsole, if you’re asking about terminal emulator. I’m upgrading via the command line, using dnf system upgrade

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The article at DNF System Upgrade :: Fedora Docs
gives a good way to remove old kernels. I tried it yesterday, and it worked perfectly for me.

But if you’re using CPanel (Not sure if you are, but from your post it seems possible) CPanel does various things on its own, and you might be better off using their support.

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Run dnf -C list installed kernel* to see how many kernels you already have installed (the default is 3).

By default konsole keeps only last 1000 lines, you need to create a new konsole profile and change it’s settings to view more lines of output: https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/konsole/konsole/scrollback.html

I upgraded successfully

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