Fedora 37 update problem.cause Failed to execute transaction: package protonvpn-1.0.0-3.noarch is already installed nothing comes even updates do not go


Fedora 37 update problem


update problem

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Hello @tolya and welcome to ask :fedora:

  1. Did you do the dnf upgrade --refresh step before attempting the upgrade?
  2. Are you trying to upgrade while connected to a VPN?
  3. Are you trying to use dnf or gnome software to do the upgrade?

I am moving this to a different category since it does not as yet seem a common issue status.

I also faced a similar issue! Upgrade not possible due to packages from extra repos installed.
I had to uninstall protonvpn-gui supergfxctl asusctl to be able to upgrade.
On my side I upgraded graphically through Gnome Software/not through dnf
Issue is also reported on Reddit by other users : https://www.reddit.com/r/ProtonVPN/comments/yxfdmw/fedora_linux_37_support/

The issue is commonly known. For a very long time it has been recommended that users be very selective in which 3rd party software is installed for exactly this reason. — Potential incompatibility and conflicts with fedora software and/or upgrades.

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Noted. Can this be outlined further in the documentation ? Upgrading to a new release of Fedora :: Fedora Docs does not mention it for instance.
It would be great if the upgrade process could ask the user to agree to disable non-tested/or all third-party software repos before starting upgrade.

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I guess the documentation assumes that the reader understands the docs are written for upgrading fedora and that third party software is not part of fedora so is ignored.

While I agree that it should caution users about potential 3rd party software issues, getting the docs up to date and complete requires the assistance of the entire community as the task is much more than a small team could handle.

You can submit your proposed changes by following the guide drafted by Chris @py0xc3 (which I cannot seem to find right now.) Maybe he could post the link again for us here.

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Thank you for the incentive! I will let the team know about it. Indeed, the Quick Docs are currently under revision since there are several issues with it. Unfortunately, there is a lack of human resources around the Docs, so if you have some time to spare and feel able to manage pagure (the git in which the Quick Docs are currently managed), your help would be appreciated.

See https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-docs/_images/1A-changeIdentified.png for an example: go to the page you want to make changes in, and then, to edit the page, you can click the button that looks like a pen that writes on a paper. For logging in, you can use your existing Fedora account. Unfortunately, for pagure there is currently no guide like we have it for GitLab (the Docs aim to migrate most pages from pagure to GitLab, but this migration has not yet been finished).

Don’t feel pressured as we already appreciate if people make us aware of such issues (many don’t), and we know that it can take time to get used to git, pagure, etc., which is time not everyone has.

In the current Docs discussions you can see that current topics mostly focus on Quick Docs: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/tag/docs
→ Just in case there is some interest :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is not yet such a guide for pagure.

On GitLab-hosted pages, you can see a button with the text “Edit this page in 7 steps” left of the search box at the top of the page.

But this button is shown only on GitLab-hosted pages. The Quick Docs have not yet been migrated to GitLab but are still on pagure. But thanks for making aware of this topic!

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It’s third party software, so I would recommend to uninstall it and reinstall by download from their website after update of Fedora.
I have, using Fedora 37:

so probably the update sees the new packages but these conflict with the installed package with another name.