Fedora 37 Portable installation Issue with Btrfs

Hi Everybody,

I have fedora 37 installed on my laptop with Btrfs. Because I want to use Timeshift, I structured the subvolumes like Ubuntu, with label ‘@’ for mount point / and ‘@home’ for mount point /home.

Now, I want to do a portable install on a flash drive with the same subvolume structure. However, whenever I want to create the labels @ or @home, the installation automatically changes it to @-0 and @home-0 respectively.

I am assuming the installation kit detects that @ and @home is already present on the SSD, therefore, changing the label of the newly created subvolumes on the flash drive.

How can I fix this issue?

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Try disabling the SSD in the bios and then creating the portable install

There is no option to disable the SSD from the BIOS.

All disk labels exist in the same namespace /dev/disk/by-label and supposed to be unique, that’s why matching labels lead to race conditions, which you definitely don’t want to happen.

If you deal with multiple OS installations, the simple solution may not be optimal or feasible, so you’d best use unique labels or UUIDs.

It’s like assigning the same IP address to multiple hosts on your local network, i.e. you can do it, but you won’t like the result.

I guess there is no straight forward way to do it, unless you can hide or disable your SSD in some way.

Thanks for all the help guys.


Maybe a virtual machine with no disk and passing the thumb drive to it.

Or create on another pc

What laptop ?

Thanks for the suggestions. I used another pc to get the installation done.

The Laptop is Lenovo Yoga 920.