Fedora 37 not installing Raspberry Pi4 model B

It doesn’t install when a mouse and keyboard are plugged in, just found out it’s the reason for not leaving the U-Boot screen. Really strange, either a guide needs to be made on this or the issue should be fixed. I was previously writing up that I couldn’t solve the issue of installing it, but then realised I hadn’t tried unplugging my mouse and keyboard. It fixed the issue weirdly.

Note that you are trying to work with F37 which has only recently reached beta status. Please direct your questions and issues toward the development team at Fedora @ FOSDEM: how you can participate

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Sorry, thank you. By the way, I realised it was actually a problem with U-Boot. It was simply that it refused to boot with keyboard and mouse plugged in. So you just have to boot first, then plug in the keyboard and mouse. That probably needs fixing lol