Fedora 37, l2tp vpn,mikrotik

I our office we have mikrotik router, when we want coonect to office from ouside, we use l2tp vpn and connect to our office.
l2tp vpn work on windows 10 and windows 11 and we can use it.
but in Fedora 37 after making l2tp connection , it seems everything is OK , but I can not connect to linux server by SSH,
I post this problem in mikrotik forums
and they said this is Linux problem.

SSH server has to be active and you also need to open the port for it on the firewall. As you use mikrotik best would be to open default 22 on it and forward it internally to a 2221 or similar.

SSH port is open, I can ssh to server from windows when l2tp VPN is connected.
in linux when l2tp VPN is connected, I can connect to linux server by SSH.
In linux I do not have ping of server, I think it is route problem

Beside of the mikrotik firewall you might also have the fedora firewall active.

Did you do what sindy told you in the mikrotik forum?

Fedora and/or Ubuntu. From the command line, you could use
ip route add dev ppp0

I add new route, but nothing happen and I can not connect to servers from command line and reminna

I need way to solve this problem

You might have to look with a Microtik certified who knows to solve this for you. It not seams to be a Fedora specific problem. Have you searched on other sides than Mikrotik and Fedora?