Fedora 37 Kernel Pancic

Systematic upgrade to Feora 37 6.0.12-300.fc37.x86.64. Rebooted and got: Kernel panic-not symncing: VFS unable to mount roo FS or unknown_block

How does that get fixed or back out to 6.0.11 which did work before the upgrade

You should see the grub menu and be able to select an older kernel to boot from. If it boots from an older kernel we can try fixing the new kernel that was just updated.

Jeff - Yes, it does boot with the older kernel(s)

My first attempt to fix that would be to dnf remove kernel*6.0.12* followed by dnf upgrade --refresh to reinstall it and see then what the results may be. Allow the removal to also remove all dependencies so they get reinstalled new as well…

Jeff - that worked, its back to the 6.0.12 kernal. Now the file cabinet is missing; how do I fix that?


What file cabinet?
Do you mean the file cabinet icon which represents nautilus file manager?

If so then you may want to try sudo dnf distro-sync --refresh --allowerasing to try and ensure that everything is fully up to date according to the repos.

Nope, didnt work. “No packages marked for distriubtion synchronization.”

Maybe its still there. The ICON for file cabinet icon to the nautilus is missing

The File Cabinet ICON before got me to Starred, Home, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, +Other locations. Now I dont have access to those and the File Cabinet ICON is no longer there

Maybe a dumb question, sorry, but are you still able to launch the Files app at all by typing nautilus in the terminal?

Only question thats dumb is the one NOT asked

NO. GLib-Gio-error 05.36.19_230 settings scheme ‘org.gnome.nautilis.prefrerences’ does not contain a key word name ‘migrated-gtk-settings’ Trace/Breakpoint trap (core dumped)

Try running:

sudo dnf reinstall nautilus

As part of the reinstall, this should re-generate the schema cache which may be the cause of it thinking the key is missing.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting your Nautilus configuration:

gsettings reset-recursively org.gnome.nautilus.preferences

Note that this will reset your Nautilus settings and you may need to reconfigure things a bit if you don’t like the defaults. You may also wish to list your previous settings:

gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.nautilus.preferences

and note them down to re-apply them later.

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Did the resinstall and gsetting commands. File Cabinet ICON is still missing after reboot

DISREGARD Previous. File Cabinet ICON reappeared after a 2nd reboot - all is well now. Thanks everyone for the help