Fedora 37 Install with Dual Monitors - No Prompt/Only Background Appears

After installing Fedora 37 on an SSD drive on my dual monitor system, when I first boot into Fedora to complete the new install, I only have one display (HD) visible with the Fedora 37 background but no prompts or way to complete the setup of Fedora. The other monitor (4K) is blank.

By moving the mouse (offscreen to one side only), I can tell that the system is acting as if both monitors are available, but I can only see one of them. The one that is not visible appears to be the main one that has the prompts to finish the setup.

I am using an Nvidia based GPU, the Asus ROG Strix Advanced GeForce RTX 2080 Super along with an older HD monitor and a newer 4K HDR one.

Curiously, before the installation, I was able to run Fedora 37 from a USB stick with both monitors working properly. It seems strange that once installed on the SSD drive, only one monitor works with the system.

Any advice how to deal with this problem?

Is there a key stroke that will allow switching the two monitors.

Any help is welcome.

I have no idea about your root issue, but the normal shortcut to move a window from one screen to the other is Shift-Super-arrow.

Is this a laptop with dual GPU or a desktop with 2 monitors attached to a single GPU?

I would suggest that you disconnect one monitor while completing the setup. Once that is done then configuring the monitors will be much easier.