Fedora 36 Problem installing VirtualBox package Zlib-devel Conflicting

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Reporting an error I found in Fedora 36. after installing the system and mssql-server 2017 and using it for a few days normally, I needed to install a virtual machine, as I was used to VIRTUALBOX I installed it in the operating system and check that to install it, it asks for some dependencies needed for installation.
I realized that these are DLLS .

After installing VIrtualBox and restarting the machine, MSSQL-SERVER 2017 does not work anymore, not accepting connections, and if you try to reinstall it, it starts giving an access denied error in all folders.
I tried several ways to solve it, but without success. so I decided to remove some packages referring to DLLs that were installed according to the image below.
And to my surprise the Zlib-devel package causes the problem.

So I removed the package and restarted fedora and MSSQL-SERVER 2017 started working normally again, but I don’t know if doing it that way can affect other functionality of the system.
I ask the project developers to analyze and make the correction.
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This sounds like a bug and possibly should be reported as such https://bugzilla.redhat.com

We really cannot be 100% certain though since you did not give details of installing mssql-server or virtualbox (where they came from, how installed, or other relevant details which are required to define a bug.

The mmsql-server and DLL references seems to imply the microsoft sql server, which certainly is not native to linux. VirtualBox is not native to fedora though it is available direct from Oracle or from the rpmfusion repo. You installed VirtualBox from rpmfusion so it should have been good, though it seems that the mssql-server had a problem with it.

3rd party packages may often have conflicts.

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