Fedora 36 PipeWire Master Does Not Control Sound Card PCM Volume Linearly

Hi everyone,

I’m using a ROG Delta S Wireless headset, after installation of Fedora, I immediately noticed that I have no sound.

I played around with alsamixer and found that adjusting “PCM” volume of my headphone works.

:point_up_2:This should be the real volume slider.

I found the following relation between the Master volume and the PCM volume of my headphone:

  • When PCM is 0 (no sound for me), Master is only 94 (whenever my system volume slider is below 94, I have no sound at all)
  • When PCM is 50 (comfortable volume), Master is 97
  • When PCM is 100 (too loud!), Master is also 100

So it seems that the real volume of my headphone 0%-100% is mapped to 94%-100% of system volume slider.

EDIT: YouTube Video of issue ROG Delta S Wireless Volume Issue - YouTube

My other devices like HDMI output and 3.5mm output is working fine.
Is there any fix to this issue?

Are you using Gnome?
If yes check gnome-tweaks and set under General over-amplification on.

Does this change something?

Yes I’m using GNOME, but overamplification won’t work. The real volume is still mapped to 94%-100%. Setting master volume over 100% does not change my headphone volume to over 100%.

EDIT: It might be a bit hard to explain by words but I’ve uploaded a YouTube video demonstrating the issue. Link in the main post.

Is there a firmware you can update for this headset?

Nah, it’s using the latest firmware updated on 19/09/2022.