Fedora 36 on the LinuxTube sphere

During the closing of the Release Party I mentioned the high praise Fedora 36 has been having on the Linux-oriented Youtube channels, even though the big ones haven’t released their reviews (And since Nick, from The Linux Experiment, uses Fedora as his main distro, it might take a bit more). There, @mattdm suggested a post to consolidate these reviews, so here I am.

Starting-up with The Tech Hut, one of the channels that helped me A LOT in my Linux journey. He not only uses Fedora as his distro of choice, he also released a 7-step guide for those who did just install F36.

The Review: Fedora 36 - Simply the BEST Linux Distro - YouTube

The guide: 7 Things You MUST DO After Installing Fedora 36 - YouTube

Then, my other source of early-linux learning, Learn Linux TV. They not only have great guides for beginners, but also more advanced videos focused on servers.

Review: Why Fedora 36 is a great GNOME Distro! (Full Review) - YouTube

The next one is in spanish (my mother tongue), but I add it here because of its final remarks (roughly translated): “Fedora 36 is miles ahead of Ubuntu 22.04”

Locos por Linux: Fedora 36 Workstation - YouTube

The other two I found over there are from a bit smaller channels.

Jeremy’s Tech Channel: Will I Switch To Fedora 36? A Walk Thru Of This Amazing Linux Distro - YouTube

Tyler’s Tech: Fedora 36 | It just works! - YouTube

Feel free to add other reviews.


Nice, I was hoping to see Tech Hut and LearnLinuxTV here!

This one by DistroTube is unfortunately not as positive as the others, but I think it could be good as a point of feedback. He decided to cover the i3 spin of F36 since the flagship edition gets the most attention from other YouTubers.
A First Look At Fedora 36 i3 Spin (If I Get It Installed)

I am also very interested in what Nick from Linux Experiment has to say. I know most folks will review a distro and leave it at that, but in my opinion he has some good ideas and analysis about the Linux landscape in general, and I wonder if that will come out in his review.

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9to5Linux has been publishing their reviews on Fedora Workstation and it’s spins. Is not my kind of content, quite too slow and text instead or even a voiceover. I think there’s a web counterpart to these videos.

Again, is not my kind of video, but here they are.


I want to attract the attention of @duffy since there is a “Reviewed by” button in the new design of the Workstation page.

Some reviews in Spanish:

Compu Canal: Liberada Fedora 36! | Primer vistazo general - YouTube
Computadores y sensores: Fedora 36 el nuevo estándar a superar, Instalación, Novedades y Sugerencias post instalación - YouTube
Linuxeroerrante: Review "Fedora 36 - andamos calentitos - YouTube

And other in English:

ExplainingComputers: Fedora 36: Leading Edge Linux Distro - YouTube


And continuing but this time on Odysee (LBRY):

TechHut: Fedora 36 - Simply the BEST Linux Distro
Tyler’s Tech: Fedora 36 | It just works!
Riba Linux: Fedora 36 overview | Welcome to Freedom.

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Veronica Explains did a video on Fedora 36 KDE. The production took place in the late beta phase. However, is quite a good review.

Here it is - First look at the Fedora 36 KDE Plasma Spin! - YouTube

(Love the music, by the way)

DJ Wave made a in-depth review on Fedora 36 Silverblue - Fedora Silverblue 36 Review - YouTube

A bit long and quite technical… Even structured like a class.

Linux Tex - Fedora 36 Released! And it is SERIOUS Competition to Ubuntu! (2022)

Lots of neat graphics, but the feedback was also positive.

More than a review of the system per se, is about using Fedora with the Framework Laptop - LINUX | FEDORA 36 on the FRAMEWORK Laptop | Installation, First Steps, Verdict | Awesome combo! - YouTube

It is known that everything works out-of-the-box with Fedora, no tinering needed.

Novaspirit Tech switching from Ubuntu to Fedora 36 - Switching to Fedora 36 and Here Is What I Learned - YouTube


InfinitelyGalactic’s return to action is a dedicated video, not only for F36, but the Fedora Project as a whole.

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