Fedora 36 - Lost bandwidth after a while using tigervnc

I’m getting a super weird issue. I’m using vnc to two machines one with macosx (built-in vnc server) and other with archlinux (tigervnc as server). After awhile the osx lock up and I need to relogin multiple times (normal behavior because i stop use it momentously). After an hour maybe the whole network gets super slow…
For example my vnc connection to archlinux get slow, i make a speedtest and the download is low but my upload speed is normal.
I disable ipv6 globally using sysctl.
Another behavior occur when I restarted networkmanager and my router doesn’t give ip from dhcp. The only way to solve is reboot the laptop but ain’t a good solution for me.

I’m using networkmanager. it is worth use systemd-netowrkd instead?